Planning ahead is something we all have done. We plan everything from our first car, first home, and retirement. All of these are done over months to years. However, the two major times families get together are for funerals and weddings. Could you imagine planning a wedding in 3 days?

Why do so many families pre-planning their funeral arrangements with Colligan Funeral Home?

  • Reduce Emotional overspending.
  • Ability to make arrangements together versus leaving arrangements for a loved one to do it all alone.
  • To reduce the financial burden of surviving family members.
  • Set money aside for final expenses due to Medicaid spenddown.
  • To protect against the future costs of funerals by locking in today’s costs.
  • Peace of Mind

We offer a full range of services and prices to meet the needs of the families we serve. We realize families want the best service for an affordable price and that is why we suggest that you do get the facts ahead of time.


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