Chris Pegg

PLEASE FOWARD LETTER TO FAMILY OF JAMES L BOWLING Hello my name is Chris Pegg I lived next door to James here in Kokomo Indiana I chatted with him a few times when I’d see him I’m sorry for his passing … I have been taking care of his property here and mowing tha grass since he passed away and I have become interested in buying this property I tried to send a letter to a trailer court to tha last know address for James and never received a response back … I did not catch tha house in time for tha tax sale and it sold to a LLC in sc. with that being said tha property can be redeemed back in James name of back taxes are paid witch I will do if we can find out who was in charge of all James stuff when he passed away and that person can deed me tha house on a agreed price plus I pay house tax … I am very sure there is a easy way to handle this sale and I would rather see James family benefit from tha sale of tha property than tha state soo if anybody could help me with this that be greatly appreciate my contact info is Chris Pegg (765) 461-1033 Sent from my iPhone