Jackie Shearer Feldman

Marilyn and family – I lived across the street from Frank, Catherine, Joan, Bill,Mark and Charlie. Joan was one of my playmates and I always envied that she had older brothers while I had a younger brother who was nothing but trouble for me! Now that Dale and I have grown up we are best of siblings. I have never forgotten how Charlie extended an invitation to me and Joan to accompany you two to a swimming pool during the summer. You were still dating at the time and I thought it was so wonderful that he thought enough of his kid sister and her friend across the street to include us. It was always fun to be invited to go out to your parents farm, a drive down Groh Lane, and being included. I extend my condolences to you and your family. Charlie and the entire Ostendorf family were a big part of life growing up on Edison Avenue. Jackie Shearer Feldman Wilmington DE