Michelle McMullen-Colburn

Sending my deepest sympathy for the passing of Uncle Russ. I have so many fond Memories of him and being with all of you during holidays and at the river camping. Uncle Russ was such a strong role model and father, to me he was bigger then life. I greatly respected him and looked up to him as a father figure. I remember as kids we were so scared of him, because he was so strict (in the good way) we would sometimes hide from him if we were up to no good, which was most of the time. Lol! Uncle Russ certainly left his mark in this world with being a devoted family man and loving husband. He made a huge impact on me as a young girl and I’m grateful for the all the memories and times we shared in the early days. This world lost a great man; they don’t make ‘em like him anymore. He has left behind the most beautiful family that I know was his greatest accomplishment. May his legacy live on in your hearts. My deepest condolences with love. Michelle