Richard Adkins

I am very sorry to learn of your Mother’s passing. I want to express my deepest sympathies. In every darkness there is a light wanting to shine though, in every tear there is a smile wanting to show itself. Even in death she still lives, because she lives with in your heart. Those we love don’t go away they’ve given us memories which become treasures to us. Which we can relive anytime. I know her death leaves you with a heartache that no one can heal. But the love you shared leaves you with memories that no one can take from you. She knows that you will miss her, so let the the memories you shared fill the emptiness that you will feel. Don’t think of her as being far way. Every time you think of her, she will be there in your heart, with all of her warm felt love for you and all the memories that you shared together. Remember her soul has been set free to travel among the stars of heaven and know she will be watching over you.